About Us

About Us

FieldScore Data and Research provides services in the field of qualitative research, quantitative research, data analysis and report writing and research consulting. Perfect blend of huge experience across industries as well as subject matter, accompanied with commercial and technical comprehension – we have significantly contributed towards growth of our clients through strategic partnership

The world turning highly competitive, market research is becoming more and more important for all organizations across sectors, both large and small. Our company focuses on providing actionable solutions to address key business issues through personalized research.

We believe that customers the best consultants for any company and by connecting with them, brands can become more successful and productive. Because of this we are able to help brands discover their market in better manner while at the same time understand their target market as well. Our objective is to assist our clients with the help of our 24x7 project management team at the most competitive price.

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Our Services

Qualitative Services

Qualitative research usually uses unstructured or semi-structured techniques to collect data. The Qualitative Market Research deals with the feelings, attitudes, Read More

Quantitative Services

Quantitative research is about asking people for their opinions in a structured way so that you can produce hard facts, figures and statistics to guide you. Read More

Data Analysis & Report Writing

Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, Read More