Advertising & Media

Advertising & Media

FieldScore Data and Research provides extensive range of services to assist Advertising and Entertainment companies. Advertising research is a specialized form of marketing research conducted to improve the efficiency of advertising. Our dedicated team has industry specific experiences, which help to recognize the multifaceted issues and deliver comprehensive insights about how customers acquire information through advertising and media. The size of the advertising market is difficult to assess, and estimates by analysts vary to some degree.


  • Understanding effectiveness of advertisement in telecom industry
  • Evaluation of outdoor media advertising campaign and its reach and appeal to youth
  • Assessment of feedback about movies and music entertainment channels across Middle Eastern countries
  • Consumer research to evaluate core functionality of website and its usage
  • Comparison of print v/s online media for maximum penetration of advertisement for Health Monitoring Service
  • Perception and behavior of viewers with reference to TV shows and evaluation of their preferences
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Advertising & Media

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